Research Areas

TF-LAB conducts research in thermal-fluid sciences. Our research is multi-disciplined and geared towards the advancement of heat transport, exchange, and conversion technologies to address industrial thermal energy challenges.

Research areas include:

  • fundamental and applied two-phase flow & heat transfer
  • thermal energy transport, exchange, and conversion technology development
  • advanced cooling of electronic devices and systems
  • heat pipes and thermosyphons
  • additive manufacturing of single and two-phase heat exchangers
  • thermal characterization of materials
  • high performance thermal and electrical interface materials
  • novel single-phase and two-phase convection enhancement techniques
  • 3D-printed high thermal conductivity composite materials
  • heat and mass transfer in additively manufactured wicking structures

Industrial Collaborations

TF-LAB partners with businesses across a range of industries including automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, automotive, energy, aerospace, advanced manufacturing, construction, and ICT.

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Research Facilities

TF-LAB is based in the Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence at York University, a newly constructed learning and research facility, purpose-built to maximize student and teacher collaboration to develop innovative solutions and create novel concepts.

Our state-of-the-art is fully equipped for R&D into a broad range of thermofluid and energy-related fields. The lab facilitates many different types of scientific inquiries, including:

  • Experimental heat transfer and thermodynamics
  • Advanced measurement techniques
  • Precision thermal and flow instrumentation
  • Material thermal characterization
  • High-speed and thermal imaging
  • Scanning electron microscopy and micro computed tomography
  • Numerical modelling